Our estory

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    What’s your Legacy?

    Your life is a collection of stories, unique to you and priceless to your family, friends and generations to come. Your story is also the story of your family and friends- as they grew, aged and scattered to distant corners of the world or remained in your neighborhood. It is our story. Look at the stories our ancestors drew into the rocks 15,000 years ago. We invite you to your place your stories onto the rock that can hold all your stories and more-to reflect and reminisce, preserve and cherish. Reach out to friends and family, some close and others distant using the power of the internet. We will help every step of the way- the program is meant for seniors, particularly those who do not have access to computers or the internet, or those experiencing memory loss.
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    What does the program do?

    • Our-estory is a program for anyone, but particularly seniors to re-connect with their friends and family through shared stories. This is particularly relevant for anyone who is having trouble with memory.
    • The program is user friendly and the senior does not need ANY experience with computers to get started. However in this situation the senior will need someone to help them by controlling the screen in person or remotely. If the senior does not have anyone able to do this, we will be happy to provide remote support to ensure the senior member is able to participate in the program.
    • Your domain has the following features: A place to store pictures, sounds and video and tell the stories behind these scenes and sounds. You then invite all those who you wish to view your story and contribute by adding their images and writing their version of what was taking place! You then have many views and perspectives for each event- making this truly ‘our story’. Ofcourse you have the ability to edit out their contributions…if you so desire.
    • Ability to speak via video to fiends and family
    • A simple calendar to keep track of your appointments and events
    • A place to view entertainment, play games and join the internet You can use the system to connect with virtual care services- like your GP, community nurse or specialist. Contact us to learn more click here
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    Supporting memory

    The program is aimed at being fun and interactive. There is a serious side to our-estory - it does have an additional purpose for people with memory problems Life story work and reminiscence has evidence of benefit in people with memory problems. (refs) Interacting with others, especially for socially isolated people with limited mobility and few friends improves quality of life and improves function in seniors with memory problems (ref) The stories preserved in the person’s life story will help caregivers to know the person behind their memory problems. The stories provide a way to engage seniors with memory problems especially if they are bored or anxious as a result of confusion. The live videolinks to friends and family help provide reassurance when they are anxious- whether in their own homes, or in care facilities. We also provide a unique remote ‘Cognitive Stimulation Program’ developed by Healthcare professionals based on evidence based interventions. Want to learn more? Click here! Of course the question we faced was ‘How can you engage someone on a computer when they are having trouble using the TV remote!’ Click here to find our simple solution.
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    Our remote services

    • Our team of dedicated staff can provide you with the following services:
    • Recommendation and purchase of computers
    • Ordering and coordinating broadband subscriptions
    • Setting up your new computer and shipping it out- ready for ‘plug and play’
    • Remote support, fault fixing over phone or online
    • Helping to connect with family or healthcare staff
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    What do you need?

    • Computer with internet browser. [No computer? No problem! Click here]
    • High speed internet connection. [No broadband? No problem! Let us help]
    • A willingness to re-connect with friends and family..and make new friends
    • A willingness to experience new things
    • A wish to preserve your unique history in stories to be shared and retold over generations.
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    Wow! How do I Join?

    • You (and your family member/ friend on your behalf) can request an account here [link to joining form]. You do not need to have any computer equipment or broadband when you sign up- we will help you with these, and you will not need to do anything at your end to control or manage the devices.
    • On your account page you will have the option of choosing your domain name (like ray.our-story.com or Bennett.our-story.com). The sooner you join, the more likely you will be to get the name of your choice. If your name has already been taken we reserve the right to choose one which is closest to what you requested. We will contact you to see if you need assistance with hardware or broadband.
    • We will sign a confidentiality agreement between us.
    • On receiving your request, we will set up your website and send you a code to enter your very own place on the internet.
    • The information on your domain is secure and viewable only by people to whom you have given permission.
    • You have 21 days to try the program after which our current charges will apply check here
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    Gaining your Trust

    • The program has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals specializing in seniors with expertise in Recreational Therapy, Nursing, Geriatric Psychiatry as well as Family members and people with memory difficulties living in the community and in residential care.
    However we do not take your trust for granted- we aim to earn it by our actions.
    • We aim to be honest with regards to costs and fees- there are no hidden fees and all charges are explained on the site. Please contact us if we haven’t been clear- we will fix it.
    • We will undertake work for seniors only with the consent of a trusted family member. This is a collaborative program. If the senior does not have a trusted family member for any reason, we will be happy to act on their behalf and keep written notes of all our interactions for ensure transparency and oversight.
    • The program is based on technology, and as we all know, technology is fallible. [ funny image] When the website or technology fails, we hope you will extend your patience to us while we work to fix it. If due to problems at our end, you are unable to use the service for any length of time we are happy to speak with you regarding a refund for the lost time of service. Does not include when your wireless router or broadband is down.
    • In the vent that we represent third parties to you, we will do so honestly. If we feel there is something that may be of benefit to you, we will inform you about this. If there is a potential financial benefit to us if you purchase anything from third parties, we will disclose this to you at the outset. We will never pressure you to buy anything and if you are not satisfied with our services we trust you will give us a chance to set it right, or explain to you why we are falling short of your expectations
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    • Set up fee for account and domain hosting: $49.99, paid once when activating account, at $9.99 over 5 months. This goes towards setting up your domain and lifetime hosting fee (Special offer for new Joyners).
    • Subscription charges are based on membership levels and billed to each member when they sign up:
    Joyner- Main site owner $29.99 per month. This pays for ongoing use of the program, connecting with friends and family, use and storage of your stories and help customizing your site- your entertainment and games page. This will be done remotely. The regular subscription fee does not include technical help which is charged separately. We will always inform you about any paid technical charges before undertaking any work. click here for a sample website: use xyz as password and 123 as username- you will be a ‘family member’ on this site. All other memberships are paid for when people join your personal site: Family member-$5.99 per month [one nominated member gets to control the website environment- ‘superadmin for the subdomain’ while all others get full access and editing rights on the life story] additional $1.25 for additional family membership, for a maximum of $11.99 after which all further memberships is free Friend $3.99 per month [can view life story but not edit] + communication + entertainment, $0.99 for additional friend membership, maximum membership fees $8.99, after which further friends memerships free Acquaintance $0.99, or free if already a paying member of any our-estory site –access to videolink and games + entertainment Please ask us for your discount code once you reach your membership payment limit. Remote support $69.99 per hour (Canada based, staff have undergone criminal background check and are bound by our confidentiality agreement). Remote Lifestory, reminiscence or therapeutic recreation delivered by trained clinician (degree level)- $50 per half hour hour or $80 for hour Remote Group sessions for live, interactive cognitive stimulation in group of 4 - $25 per hour, group of 5-$20 per hours In person support- will be confirmed with you depending on requirement. Prices are subject to change- we will give you 3 months notice of any change in our prices.
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    Cancellation policy:

    • You can cancel at any time.
    • If you do cancel, your site will be closed. You can download all life story contents from your site. In next build we should offer domain names for a small extra monthly fee for example Puneet.our-estory.com for $5 per month…
    • OPTION: You could choose to keep your domain and current content and videoconference facility for $9.99 a month. You may wish to choose this option if you are no longer going to add or edit your lifestory but wish to continue interacting with the membership.
    • If will be happy to help you download and close your site. Our service fee for this remains $69.99 per hour, billed in 15 min increments.
    • You can still use the videocalling facility and keep the membership active, though you will no longer be able to edit or upload any material.