• Set up fee for account and domain hosting: $49.99, paid once when activating account, at $9.99 over 5 months. This goes towards setting up your domain and lifetime hosting fee (Special offer for new Joyners).
  • Subscription charges are based on membership levels and billed to each member when they sign up:

Joyner– Main site owner $29.99 per month. This pays for ongoing use of the program, connecting with friends and family, use and storage of your stories and help customizing your site- your entertainment and games page. This will be done remotely. The regular subscription fee does not include technical help which is charged separately. We will always inform you about any paid technical charges before undertaking any work. click here for a sample website: use xyz as password and 123 as username- you will be a ‘family member’ on this site. All other memberships are paid for when people join your personal site:

Family member-$5.99 per month [one nominated member gets to control the website environment- ‘superadmin for the subdomain’ while all others get full access and editing rights on the life story] additional $1.25 for additional family membership, for a maximum of $11.99 after which all further memberships is free

Friend $3.99 per month [can view life story but not edit] + communication + entertainment, $0.99 for additional friend membership, maximum membership fees $8.99, after which further friends memerships free

Acquaintance $0.99, or free if already a paying member of any our-estory site –access to videolink and games + entertainment
Please ask us for your discount code once you reach your membership payment limit.

Remote support $69.99 per hour (Canada based, staff have undergone criminal background check and are bound by our confidentiality agreement).

Remote Lifestory, reminiscence or therapeutic recreation delivered by trained clinician (degree level)- $50 per half hour hour or $80 for hour

Remote Group sessions for live, interactive cognitive stimulation in group of 4 – $25 per hour, group of 5-$20 per hours
In person support- will be confirmed with you depending on requirement.

Prices are subject to change- we will give you 3 months notice of any change in our prices.