Gaining your Trust

  • The program has been developed by a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals specializing in seniors with expertise in Recreational Therapy, Nursing, Geriatric Psychiatry as well as Family members and people with memory difficulties living in the community and in residential care.

However we do not take your trust for granted- we aim to earn it by our actions.

  • We aim to be honest with regards to costs and fees- there are no hidden fees and all charges are explained on the site. Please contact us if we haven’t been clear- we will fix it.
  • We will undertake work for seniors only with the consent of a trusted family member. This is a collaborative program. If the senior does not have a trusted family member for any reason, we will be happy to act on their behalf and keep written notes of all our interactions for ensure transparency and oversight.
  • The program is based on technology, and as we all know, technology is fallible. [ funny image] When the website or technology fails, we hope you will extend your patience to us while we work to fix it. If due to problems at our end, you are unable to use the service for any length of time we are happy to speak with you regarding a refund for the lost time of service. Does not include when your wireless router or broadband is down.
  • In the vent that we represent third parties to you, we will do so honestly. If we feel there is something that may be of benefit to you, we will inform you about this. If there is a potential financial benefit to us if you purchase anything from third parties, we will disclose this to you at the outset. We will never pressure you to buy anything and if you are not satisfied with our services we trust you will give us a chance to set it right, or explain to you why we are falling short of your expectations