Supporting memory

The program is aimed at being fun and interactive. There is a serious side to our-estory – it does have an additional purpose for people with memory problems
Life story work and reminiscence has evidence of benefit in people with memory problems. (refs)
Interacting with others, especially for socially isolated people with limited mobility and few friends improves quality of life and improves function in seniors with memory problems (ref)
The stories preserved in the person’s life story will help caregivers to know the person behind their memory problems.
The stories provide a way to engage seniors with memory problems especially if they are bored or anxious as a result of confusion. The live videolinks to friends and family help provide reassurance when they are anxious- whether in their own homes, or in care facilities.
We also provide a unique remote ‘Cognitive Stimulation Program’ developed by Healthcare professionals based on evidence based interventions. Want to learn more? Click here!

Of course the question we faced was ‘How can you engage someone on a computer when they are having trouble using the TV remote!’ Click here to find our simple solution.