What does the program do?

  • Our-estory is a program for anyone, but particularly seniors to re-connect with their friends and family through shared stories. This is particularly relevant for anyone who is having trouble with memory.
  • The program is user friendly and the senior does not need ANY experience with computers to get started. However in this situation the senior will need someone to help them by controlling the screen in person or remotely. If the senior does not have anyone able to do this, we will be happy to provide remote support to ensure the senior member is able to participate in the program.
  • Your domain has the following features:
    A place to store pictures, sounds and video and tell the stories behind these scenes and sounds. You then invite all those who you wish to view your story and contribute by adding their images and writing their version of what was taking place! You then have many views and perspectives for each event- making this truly ‘our story’. Ofcourse you have the ability to edit out their contributions…if you so desire.
  • Ability to speak via video to fiends and family
  • A simple calendar to keep track of your appointments and events
  • A place to view entertainment, play games and join the internet
    You can use the system to connect with virtual care services- like your GP, community nurse or specialist. Contact us to learn more click here